Fifty-five percent (55%) of decision makers increased the amount business done with an organization and 60% of those decision makers bought a new product or service they weren’t considering before.

The secret behind these impressive stats from Edelman (2019): Thought Leadership.

The keys to effective thought leadership content (as you plan for 2020)?

1. Innovation: Fresh thinking to a common topic, industry issue or business challenge. Readers will become followers if they view you as a guide who brings a new perspective on how to manage through obstacles and transitions

2. Skill: Be a subject matter expert and remember it likely takes a team of reliable, believable company sources to create a platform for industry leadership.

3. Time: Trust doesn’t happen overnight. But consistency matters. Readers must become aware your content exists, digest it and recognize its value.

Lastly, keep in mind that decision makers are busy. Nearly 60% prefer smart, succinct content that they can easily consume and then share.