The last several weeks have caused (forced) most of us to stop in our tracks and rethink our marketing and communication strategies. Check out these tips for respectfully maintaining relevance during times of uncertainty:




  • Be Intentionally Generous. Collectively, we’ve found ourselves in an unexpected situation. Meanwhile, other life circumstances continue to evolve and happen around us – health crises, unexpected upsets (accidents) and job losses.
    • Find, communicate and share a sense of purpose in the situation. Donate your products and services to those who need them.
    • Identify how you/your company – perhaps even in partnership with a customer – can provide for someone in need. (e.g. “For every product/service purchased, we’ll give an equivalent to ###.”


  • Be a problem-solving partner. Help to discover and deliver solutions.
    • As hurdles and gaps are presented, find ways to bridge the way over or around.
    • Deliver relief by way of a discount, deferment or innovation (invention).Get creative, e.g. “We’ll give a discount on products or services for the next <period of time>.” or “We know a company in your area that you could partner with.” or “We’ll send some of our people to help.”


  • Be honest and present. Drive awareness through consistency and transparency – avoid the temptation to retreat during challenging times or a crisis (“use your voice”).
    • Acknowledge the situation and affirm that your business is being impacted too.
    •  Show the “work in progress” and ways in which you’re handling – and managing through – it.


  • Be an inspiration*. Deliver hope and positivity and highlight company values through storytelling. This is an opportunity to personalize your company, tastefully, by sharing the goodness in humanity.
    • Showcase your partners, employees and customers who are doing good and pressing forward despite the current situation.
    •  “Call” for followers to share their stories of goodness and generosity.

We’d love to hear how your company is responding and pivoting your customer experience or communications strategy. And as always, if we can help, let us know.

*portions of this post were included in this recent article with Forbes .