Emails have the potential to play a starring role in all of your marketing efforts.

Announcing the launch of a new product or service? Promote it via email. Want to spotlight your blog content? Share it with your email subscribers. Launching a social media campaign? Drive your audience to your profile with an email challenge. Planning an event? Welcome attendees with an email invitation.

You get the idea.

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You may be wondering, “How does email compare to social media?” It’s a good question. While social media is a powerful tool you should deploy, email is still king. No question. Check out this research from OptinMonster:

Email has other benefits as well. It delivers a longer-lasting way to connect with your audience. Social posts have a relatively short lifespan (Moz reports that the average Tweet lasts about 18 minutes), while email gets placed in an inbox for reference at a later time. Email also allows you to personalize your message or segment and send tailored messages.

To quickly summarize, email has a significant opportunity to have an impact on a campaign’s success and your overall content marketing strategy. However, there are some big questions to answer, starting with when is the best time to send your emails. We’ll try to help you sort through and think about the details in an upcoming article.