Our Client Vision:

Be Relevant.
Stand Out.


Where good things come together.

An intersection is a crossroads where ideas, potential and opportunities come together, get organized and a course is mapped.

At Intersection19, good communication is our driving passion. So, we meet you right where you are and take a deliberate approach to navigating the road that will lead to awareness, growth and success for your business.

We specialize in:

  • Public relations: seasonal/topical press outreach, ongoing media relations, strategic council & planning, PR writing, product launches, crisis communications
  • Content creation & copy writing: case studies, blog posts, white papers, byline articles, marketing materials, website copy, thought leadership
  • Strategic communications: making ambassadors/disciples of employees and customers through consistent, purposeful messaging
  • Brand building & positioning: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, integrated marketing strategy planning & development
  • Corporate events: trade show strategy & management, annual business meeting planning and execution

Keep Driving.

Vicki Frye, Managing Director

With more than 20 years of experience, Intersection19 is equipped to work as an extension of your team and enable your company to communicate effectively and efficiently to help generate awareness, establish expertise, cultivate trust and ultimately, grow.


Our Mission (how we accomplish the Vision):

At Intersection19, we are committed to delivering every client a tailored, strategic experience that generates targeted communications, and produces measurable results, a positive reputation and the desire to be associated with your brand, again and again.

We’re motivated by these Core Values:

  • Diversity, distinct perspectives bring unique ideas and increased creativity
  • Collaboration, teamwork blends the strengths of each for the success of all
  • Excellence, superior quality work everyone can be proud of
  • Accountability, measurable, positive results matter
  • Gratitude, opportunity, trust and growth should always be appreciated (never assumed)



Contact Intersection19

919-428-7736 or vicki.frye@intersection19.com