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  • Uncertain Times Call for Creative Thinking


        The last several weeks have caused (forced) most of us to stop in our tracks and rethink our marketing and communication strategies. Check out these tips for respectfully maintaining relevance during times of uncertainty:       Be Intentionally Generous. Collectively, we’ve found ourselves in an unexpected situation. Meanwhile, other life circumstances continue… Read more

  • True Confessions


    For years, as a marketer, I’ve maintained that communication is vital. I’ve been a witness to its ability to influence.   I’ve seen consistent, clear communication to internal audiences make a positive impact on employee morale and motivation; while informative, positive and authentic communication with customers has cultivated loyalty and created ambassadors. In fact, it’s that… Read more

  • Strategy First


      Most companies, and their marketers, agree – “content is king.” Determined to stay relevant and competitive, they’re on a full court press – hustling to produce as much content as possible. Yet, less than 40% of marketers have a documented strategy and therefore can’t confirm if their content play is producing results. So let’s… Read more

  • Email Marketing: Essential, Yet Complex.


    Emails have the potential to play a starring role in all of your marketing efforts. Announcing the launch of a new product or service? Promote it via email. Want to spotlight your blog content? Share it with your email subscribers. Launching a social media campaign? Drive your audience to your profile with an email challenge.… Read more

  • Press Send.


      Email marketing has an ROI of $40 for every $1 spent. Unfortunately, half of marketers feel their email campaigns are less than average (Smart Insights). Check out these best practices to improve email performance: • Segmentation: Improve relevancy by grouping messages based on demographics, activity, purchase history, etc. • Personalization: make each message seem… Read more

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