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Email marketing has an ROI of $40 for every $1 spent.

Unfortunately, half of marketers feel their email campaigns are less than average (Smart Insights).

Check out these best practices to improve email performance:

• Segmentation: Improve relevancy by grouping messages based on demographics, activity, purchase history, etc.

• Personalization: make each message seem individualized – this drives 6x higher transaction rates

• A/B testing: Constantly review what’s working and what isn’t with your campaigns. Tinker with subject lines, CTA buttons, graphics, copy, etc. to optimize emails for your audience.

• Add video to emails. This increase click-through rates by 300%.

How are you planning to spend (invest) your 2020 content marketing budget? Email is a smart option.

We can help you create and coordinate an email nurture campaign as a critical component of your content strategy. Email .

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